SAFER2028 scientific research programme

SAFER2028 research programme

Developing the safety of nuclear power plants and nuclear waste management

SAFER2028 (National Nuclear Safety and Waste Management Research Programme 2023-2028) is a six-year technical and scientific research programme. It is a continuation of the series of government-led nuclear safety (SAFIR) and nuclear waste management safety (KYT) programmes. The objective of the programme is to develop and continuously improve nuclear safety and nuclear waste management safety expertise for solving safety issues relevant to the Finnish use of nuclear energy. The programme supports the capturing of knowledge and its transfer between organisations and generations through carrying out internationally high-level multidisciplinary safety research. The results of the programme are public.

The programme is funded by the National Nuclear Waste Management Fund (VYR), as well as other key organisations operating in the field of nuclear energy. The annual VYR funding of the research in the ongoing SAFIR and KYT programmes has been approximately 10 million euros.


Financing decisions for 2023
In their meeting on 9.3., the State Nuclear Waste Management Fund (VYR) decided to fund 45 projects for 7,5 M€.

Annual plans for SAFER2028 projects in 2023 are available here and project descriptions will be published on this website soon.

The SAFER2028 Operational Management Handbook has been published. Find the OMH here.

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