TAG 1.2 Human organisation and society

RESPECT – Residents’ Gendered Safety and Risk Expectations – The Case of SMRs in the urban area, LUT



SCALA – Safety Culture and Leadership in Sociotechnical Changes and Transitions, VTT, Lilikoi

Research Reports:

Viitanen, K., Reiman, T., Karadeniz, S., Airola, M., Jakobsson, F., Sylvander, C., Lind, S. 2024. Internal nuclear safety oversight as part of organizational defence-in-depth – Lessons learned for the Nordic nuclear industry. Intermediate report from the NKS-R Insole activity. NKS-482, ISBN 978-87-7893-578-6, 75 p.


TONUS – Towards Nuclear Human Systems Integration, VTT, FIOH

Harviainen, T., Yuan, P.C. 2024. D1.2.2. Digital Twins – Safer-TONUS task report. VTT Research report, 10p.

Laarni, J. 2024. D1.1.1. Measuring HFE program impact. VTT Research report VTT-R-00057-24, 31 p.  (Appendix 1, Cost Benefit Excel)

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