Operational Management Handbook

The Operational Management Handbook provides practical guidance for all actors in the research programme. It includes information on programme organisation and functions, planning of research, reporting practices, and evaluation of project proposals as well as project progress and outcomes.

Administrative reporting and invoicing

TheĀ  Terms and conditions for VYR funded research projects describes the principles especially related to funding and invoicing. There are two interim payments and a final installment. Invoicing template is used for invoicing the payments.

Progress of the projects is reported for the Technical Advisory Groups (TAG) using the Project Progress Report. In addition, a summary of the project results will be prepared annually. Templates for project progress reporting, invoicing and publication evaluation in TAGs are listed below:

Commitments for the projects

Each project has a responsibility to participate in research programme activities such as TAG meetings, which are hosted and documented by the project managers on a rotating basis. Projects also participate in mid-term and final seminars and external evaluation of the research programme. Each project should include dissemination and publication of their results and consider knowledge management issues.

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