The programme’s operating model consists of a Management Group (MG) and six research area Steering Groups (SG) working under its supervision, as well as Technical Advisory Groups (TAG) that are responsible for scientific and technical guidance of the projects. Additionally, a Stakeholder Group (SHG) will give research organisations and possible other stakeholders an overview of the research programme activities and an opportunity to present their views to the MG.

The Management Group (MG) is responsible for the programme as a whole and its results, so that the programme meets the statutory requirements. The MG also decides on the project portfolio, monitors the implementation of the research programme and updates the Framework Plan for each call for proposals, if needed.

The research area Steering Groups (SG1-SG4) and the infrastructure steering group (SG6) are responsible for the content and results of the research programme in their respective fields; they prepare the calls for proposals for their fields, and evaluate research project proposals and place the projects in the TAGs. For SG5, see Doctoral Education Network.

The Technical Advisory Groups (TAG) are responsible for the scientific and technological guidance of the research and infrastructure. They also decide on necessary changes in project plans concerning the research content as the work progresses when the changes do not require changes in the project budget or are not substantial.

Further information of the organisational structure as well as roles and responsibilities of different groups can be found from the Framework Plan Chapter 2.


Framework Plan

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