TAG 2.1 Thermal hydraulics and severe accidents

ALISA – Analytical and experimental investigation of severe accident phenomena, VTT

Research reports: 

Sevón, T. 2023. Modelling steel oxidation in steam with MELCOR. VTT Research Report, VTT-R-00689-23. 29 p.

Pasi, A-E. 2023, D2.1.1. Release of VOCs from painted surfaces. VTT-R-00840-23, 17 p.


CeReSa – CFD for Reactor Safety, VTT

Research reports: 

Peltonen, P., Niemi, T., Hovi, V. 2023. On modelling of turbulent dispersion in polydisperse flows. VTT Research Report, VTT-R-00808-23, 21 p.

Syrjänen, J., Hovi, V. 2023. Validation of a surface condensation model for PWR containment analysis. VTT Research Report, VTT-R-00884-23, 19 p.

Rämä, T. 2023. CeReSa subproject simulations of the selected Conan experiment with ANSYS fluent, Fortum report, 13 p.

C-FLOW – Critical Flow Separate-Effect-Test Facility & Experiments, LUT

Research reports: 

Pyy, L., Kotro, E., Karppinen, J., Räsänen, A & Kouhia, V. 2023. General description of CRAFTY – first edition. Technical Report, LUT University, Nuclear Engineering. 28 p. + app. 35 p.


Zaitsev, A. 2023. Modelling of two-phase critical flow in steam generator tube guillotine rupture scenario with Apros for the C-FLOW separate-effect-test facility. Master’s thesis, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT. https://lutpub.lut.fi/handle/10024/166460


ESPO – Analysis of Passive Safety Systems’ Operations and Modelling, VTT

Research Reports:

Alblouwy, F. 2024. D1.1.2. Analysis of APSARA Test Facility Data with Apros and CATHARE-3 Codes. VTT Research Report, VTT-R-00068-24, 28 p.


GRAF – Gravity driven flow experiments, LUT

Research Reports:


Journal Articles:

Hyvärinen, J., Riikonen, V., Telkkä, J., Hujala, E., Kouhia, V., Puustinen, M., Patel, G., Pyy, L., Vihavainen, J., Suikkanen, H., Rintala, V. Creating the foundation for safe nuclear power in Finland – Thermal hydraulics, safety analyses, safety justification methods research at the LUT University, 2000-2023. Nuclear Engineering and Design, Volume 419, April 2024, 26p. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nucengdes.2024.112935

THEME – Computational Modeling of Thermal-Hydraulic Phenomena, VTT



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