TAG 2.2 Fuel and reactor physics

DECAPOD – Deterministic safety analyses with Kraken, VTT

Research Reports:

Ketola, V-A. 2023. Group constant state point generation and fit goodness evaluation tools for KrakenTools. VTT-R-00512-23. 20p.

Conference papers and journal articles:

Lauranto, U., Komu, R., Rintala, A., Valtavirta, V. 2023. D3.2.2. Validation of the Ants-TRACE code system with VVER-1000 coolant transient benchmarks. Annals of Nuclear Energy Volume 190, 15.9.2023, 10p. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.anucene.2023.109879

Valtavirta, V., Rintala, A. 2023. D3.2.1.  Validating Kraken for VVER-1000 fuel cycle simulation using the X2 benchmark. Annals of Nuclear Energy Volume 190, 15.9.2023, 14p. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.anucene.2023.109878


MATFINE – Methods for current and accident tolerant fuels modelling, VTT

Research Reports:

Toivonen, A., Lukin, J., Peltonen, S. 2024, D2.2.1. Sample plugging tests for Accident Tolerant Fuel cladding steam exposures. VTT-R-0065-24, 17 p.

Pohja, R. 2024, D2.1.1. Biaxial creep test of DIN 1.4790 cladding material. VTT-R-00085-24, 11 p.

Arkoma, A. 2024, D3.1.1. Cromium coated cladding behaviour in RIA situations – a literature review. VTT-R-00105-24, 17 p.


NOTCO – Neutronics for fuel outside the reactor core, VTT


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