DENSE funding call of spring 2023

Guidelines for funding of doctoral study activities in DENSE

Version 2023-03-23

Funding in general

Information on funding calls will be distributed via the DENSE website and email list. The main rule is that DENSE funding calls are communicated to all its registered members, both doctoral students and supervisors.

Funding will be distributed through open calls twice a year (spring and autumn). These calls will be announced about one month before the deadline and they will be open to all doctoral students who have enrolled in the DENSE network.

There are two categories of funding:

  1. Mobility funding that can be used for participation in conferences, workshops, or summer schools, or making research visits to relevant facilities.
    • Conference and workshop participants are required to give an oral or poster presentation.
    • After mobility funded by DENSE, the doctoral student is required to submit a travel report to SAFER2028 or an article for the journal of the Finnish Nuclear Society, or present it orally at the annual seminar of DENSE.
  2. Other funding instrumental for doctoral studies including fees for infrastructure, equipment, materials, or publications.

Funding application

An application shall include:

  1. contact information of the applicant,
  2. short description of the funding proposal and its connection with doctoral studies,
  3. detailed budget, including possible other funding than DENSE grant,
  4. plan for doctoral studies,
  5. description of the current status of doctoral studies.

The total length of the application shall not exceed 3 pages (A4, 2 cm margins, line spacing 1.5, 11pt font). Applications are sent to DENSE coordinator by e-mail ( Only applications received by the given deadline are processed.

Processing of applications

As a rule, applications are processed and funding decisions are made by the Steering Group 5 (SG5) of SAFER2028 Programme. The disqualification guidelines of the SAFER2028 Management Group will be obeyed. SG5 may authorize a subgroup to make funding decisions in accordance with its own guidelines.

DENSE funding should be applied for sufficiently in advance of the planned activity. Generally, funding is awarded to one applicant not more than once per calendar year unless there are exceptional circumstances. The funding may be awarded on a conditional basis, for example, prior to participation acceptance.

If the funding awarded is not used for its purpose, it will be returned to DENSE. If the doctoral student wishes to make changes to the budget indicated in the application, they must promptly contact the DENSE coordinator.

The practical implementation of funding, including travel arrangements, money transfers, and receipts, will be described in an annex.

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